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Natural & Sovereign

Providing sovereign men and women with access to locally sourced natural items, learning opportunities, and private consultations to support their health, family, and home.

Heal Yourself

Join our community to access your own inner ability to heal yourself. We believe that each of us is born with the inner wisdom and knowledge to heal ourselves, but we forget as we grow up in the matrix. As a member, you gain access to locally grown plants and herbs, handcrafted natural remedies, private consultations & coaching, and special events and learning opportunities to grow your own skills and confidence to heal yourself.  


Local to Muskoka

We are located in one of the most beautiful and abundant natural resource locations in the world. We are blessed to access locally grown and foraged plants, bodies of water, rock formations, and some of the most intelligent men and women. 

We strive to offer our members the very best that Muskoka has to offer with items and services that are created and offered right here! 

Member Benefits

Membership includes access to natural wellness products, handcrafted wellness accessories, private intuitive coaching and energy consultations, and special learning events. Only active members are able to access these benefits.

Join the Club

Become a lifetime member for just $2. 

This is a one-time fee.

NO monthly or annual fees. 

About The Founder

My name is Jennifer Kavanagh

I love all things related to plants, wellness, conspiracy, and breaking out of matrix. I don't fit in a neat little box. I never have. I am a blend of all of my interests and quirks and I feel it is important for all of them to be expressed.

In many ways I could be described as "THAT lady in the woods" because my beliefs may be a little bit out there, I am known to talk to the plants, animals, and rocks and I can sense and feel energy. Although I try to fit in with the world around me, most can sense I am a little bit different. 


I have discovered over the years that it is the combination of my unique experiences that others love and it is exactly what I love in others as well. 


I have created this Private Members Association to provide a safe platform for other men and women seeking to break out of the matrix, maintain their free will, and exchange natural items to exchange services and ideas together.


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